Is it ok to have no goals in life..??

Hello wonderful people out there :)….I m Riya and this is my first blog.

So I thought why not to start  with something very common which most of us experience in our life especially teenagers.
Some people say life is too big….some people say its too small….but what I feel is life is all about how you live……what window you choose to see your life through. So one big question which I had and still have in my mind that is it so necessary to have goals in our life??????

We grow up listening “Study need to have a good college…you should have a job….a handsome salary”

By listening all this, we channelize ourselves to work in that direction…..we narrow ourselves to experience new things…..we start living our lives like robots. We just work to achieve our GOAL that we have set.

BUT….have you ever wondered that what you are actually loosing by going through such process??….neither did I……In my case I only did that much work which as just enough to achieve my goal (to become a doctor!)….I just concentrated on my goal…..and with time i started getting bored with what i was doing… :(……Now i don’t have any goal in my life….I decided to do what i love….Everyday something new….like…

  • To dance as if nobody is watching
  • Too sit idle…to do nothing
  • To stand in my balcony and having a look at the beautiful view
  • To go out and have a walk
  • To concentrate on my weight loss regime
  • To take care of my skin
  • To talk to my friends who are in other city

and many more stuff which you would love to do may be painting or something…..

I never ever did these things when i was concentrating on my goal…..

Actually it is really very difficult to find out what your goal is…..

I would just say that do what you love ….do what makes you happy…may be you will be able to find your goal….and even if you have not found yet, dont be stressed ( because we usually get stressed by looking at other people working hard and they say that they have their goals).

Never ever be upset for not having goals…life is all about how happy you are in whatever you do

It’s never too late to start anything new

And for those who have set their goals….I would say one thing that enjoy the path to wards your goal…enjoy each and everyday of your life……this will make it easier to achieve your goals…..

Do let me know your views regarding my first article and suggestions are warm heartedly welcomed…..  Takecare…. 🙂

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Hiii.....I am a dentist.........i love to live my life to the fullest... :)

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