WORDS…..choose them wisely…..

wordsHii everyone!!!!

Today was a very hectic day but i still want to write something……something which hurt me….WORDS…..said by somebody close to me….

Its ok to make mistakes….i have also made some mistakes in my past….just those small mistakes but is that necessary that the other person always keeps poking about your past mistakes.

Why???….why do people everytime bring up your past along with using those bad words that are not actually required to complete your conversation. It really really hurts to listen these things especially from your loved ones( be it your friends or family)…..

Words once said cannot be taken back and everyone should think twice before saying anything…..

These words may end a beautiful relationship…..

So its a humble request for each and everybody to choose your words wisely and treasure your relationships….



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Hiii.....I am a dentist.........i love to live my life to the fullest... :)

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