Sometime ago

there was a boy

lost in the world

of his own joy

Amused by the rivers

the valleys and the meadows

sometimes he is busy

playing with his own shadows

He used to talk

to the moon and stars

lost in the world

of fantastic cars

While growing up

to be a successful man

he had to make efforts

as hard as he can

In a constant fight

to be the best

he lost himself and

copied the rest

He realized this quest

never gonna end

so he became a wanderer

along with his friends

While travelling through

the deserts and the mountains

he felt he found himself

once again

Its the love for nature

that brought him back to a wonderful life

and not the hard work

for which the rest of  the world strives.

So in this quest

Dont’t get bound

                                                                     If you are lost

Just get found


Takecare….. 🙂

Published by

food for thought

Hiii.....I am a dentist.........i love to live my life to the fullest... :)

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