Hi there!!!!… hope you guys are doing well….

So writing after a long time on something which bothers me a lot…..

While striking a conversation with my mom and dad, we came across a topic- comparison….yeah comparison amongst friends, siblings or we sometimes compare ourselves to others . I have also faced this.

First of all, comparison is bad and secondly on which grounds its being done is pathetic. While talking to my parents I said that nowadays comparison is done on the basis of job and the amount of money he or she is earning. A person seems to be good if he or she is earning and on other hand a person who is not earning is not a good one.

Comparison is done on looks, your dressing sense and what not…but why do people don’t pay heed to the good nature of the person , the helping nature the heart of gold. Everybody just give importance to the outer looks.

Your mother or your housewife is not going to big office and working so is she not a good person???

Why why why at all there is comparison between people??. We all are best in some or the other way. We should appreciate each other and not compare that ultimately leads to low self esteem and self confidence.

Never ever compare yourself to others. You are one of a kind. Nobody can be like you nor you can be like them. Be happy in whatever you are.

Love and respect each other and please don’t compare yourself to other nor anybody else because everyone is special in their own way..


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