Hi there!!!!!!

Long time….a very long one…..

Yeah…..the topic you read above holds true in every situation and in every relation too….

We expect a lot of things from our friends, from our boyfriend or our life partner or our siblings but we get hurt the most when our expectations don’t get fulfilled. Be it just going out for a movie and he or she doesn’t turn up….it hurts….like i hate it…..

But i learnt one thing from these incidents and it is that never let any one disturb your inner peace. Don’t get affected by these incidents, rather stop expecting whether it is something big or small. If we stop expecting, everything will come as a beautiful pleasant surprise and we can maintain our peace of mind too….

I felt it so i shared it….


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food for thought

Hiii.....I am a dentist.........i love to live my life to the fullest... :)

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