Hi there,

Probably it has been around one year since i had written any blog because i was very much busy in figuring out my life as in what i really want to do with my life ahead.

So it started when i had undergone LASIK operation during which i had absolutely nothing to do….NOTHING. This is when i actually thought what i actually want from life.Going through my past one thing i realised that i am not made for a relationship or probably a marriage. I had a very bad breakup which hurt me to the core of my heart, but most importantly what i realised that i lost myself in making my significant other happy. I felt that this was not actually me. I do have my own dreams but may i be i forgot all those for my realtionship.

This is when i planned as to what i need to do with my life….everything about my dreams and goals which i somewhat left behind. And i have comeup with many many things like a MORNING ROUTINE that i have been following. I will share everything in my next blog about what i did, how i did and how it has changed me for my betterment.

Catch u people next time and this time it’s not going to be this late… πŸ™‚



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food for thought

Hiii.....I am a dentist.........i love to live my life to the fullest... :)

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