Hello everyone out there!!!!…Hope everyone is doing good.

Today i am going to write about my favourite topic. I am sure many of you must have heard or read about it but i feel it’s an endless topic. Here I am writing about my perspective regarding The Secret. 

Question: What is THE SECRET???

The Secret is the revolutionary idea i feel everyone should follow. In simple words it is YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK. If you are thinking something negative, then everything around you will be negative, be it your work or home or relationships and if you are positive, then everything around you will be positive.

Digging more into the topic, if you want something in your life, it can be ANYTHING, you can definitely have it. But there are some steps which you need to follow. There are 3 steps to do it:

  • ASK– Ask to the Universe or God whatever you wish to have.
  • BELIEVE– Believe that you have already received it and be thankful for it.
  • RECEIVE– You will definitely receive what you desire for.

Now to follow these 3 steps there are some LAWS which you should know what they are and how to follow them. In my upcoming blogs i will discuss those laws.

Trust me I have tried it and it works like magic. I have been studying about it since last one year and applied it too and therefore i wish to share everything i learned and experienced.

There is going to be abundance of everything in your life be it money, relationships, health,job and anything you can think of.

So stay tuned.

Happiness and Love to all… 🙂


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