Hello everyone out there!!!..Life is a but difficult in this coronavirus lockdown but I feel this is the best time to find your inner self. I am today going to tell you the first step to start THE SECRET.

ASK. This is the step 1 to follow THE SECRET. How do we do this??

I have only one word for this-MEDITATE MEDITATE MEDITATE. Yes meditation is the answer to it. You need to give atleast 10 minutes a day to meditate. During meditation you should concentrate on your breath and feel that positivity is coming in and negativity is going out. At starting your mind will deviate a lot but keep practicing.

A time will come when your concentration will be high and that is when you ASK what you desire for.

NOTE: Whatever you ask for, ask in present tense. Example- I WILL STUDY IN ABROAD is wrong. I AM STUDYING IN ABROAD is correct. The word I AM is important.

SECOND STEP- BELIEVE. Yes folks, after asking you need to believe it’s already yours. Start living the life you want to. Example- You have asked that you want to get rid of some pain in your body. You need to believe that it has already healed. Don’t keep thinking about it. Just live the life as if that pain is no more. This is just a small example. You can ask for anything…ANYTHING. Be it job,love, relationship, money etc etc.

THIRD STEP- RECEIVE. Yes, this is the last step. If you do the above steps whole heartedly then definitely you will receive what you desire for.

So these were the 3 steps. There are many small points you should follow while practicing this which I will discuss in my upcoming blogs.


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