go, find yourself,
why are you despondent?
go, even time is
looking for your existence.

the chains that cuff you,
don’t think of them as your clothes.
melt these chains,
and make them your weapon.

when your character is pure,
why are you in such a state?
sinners don’t have a right
to examine or check you.

burn and incinerate
the web of atrocity around you.
you aren’t the holy flame of worship,
but a fire of anger.

fly your scarf like a flag,
even the sky will shake.
and if your scarf falls,
an earthquake will come.

go, find yourself,
why are you despondent?
go, even time is
looking for your existence.…..






Hello beautiful people!!!… 🙂

Today i am going to write about something that i have learnt in my life till now and i follow it too….

In today’s world, there is neck to neck competition between us but the winner is only the one who adapts in any situation.


Here are some activities that I follow in my day to day life…


  • MEDITATION- I meditate daily. I started with concentrating on my breath and controlling my thoughts for 5 mins. Slowly and gradually i can now concentrate for about 15 to 20 mins.
  • POSITIVE THOUGHTS- Always think positive. Though I know that it becomes bit difficult to think positive when conditions are not in your favour but atleast you can try to think positive. Thinking positive creates an aura around you which helps you in thinking better in every possible situation.



  • As we all know keeping our body fit is so important. It’s not always necessary to do strenous exercises in gym. You can simply do some exercises at home. Personally, I am not a big fan of gymming. Therefore, dancing and brisk walking for around 1 to 1.5 hrs is my daily routine.


  • WATER THERAPY- This is the one practice that i never skip. As soon as i get up in the morning, before brushing i drink around 5-6 glasses of water. It has got some really amazing health benefits.



  • We all believe that God exists. Remembering him and thanking him each day for whatever he has given to us would  definitely make our day beautiful.

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  • One of the most important aspect of survival of the fittest is the time management. Your day should be planned in such a way that you have time for your daily work, your fitness regime, for your social life, for resting, for your mental health and spiritually too.

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  • We may face many difficulties but we always need to keep patience and keep on working hard.

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  • Always and always believe in yourself and be confident in whatever you do.This will automatically increase your hard work and results 10 folds.

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  • Always be kind to people around you. This will bring a positive impact in your nature as well as will make you a good human being.


  • The most important thing which I keep in my mind is to never let anyone  disturb my inner peace. You will meet many people in your life who are bad at nature, whose words are disgraceful or they may discourage you or talk nonsense about you. But you need to ignore these people and their talks and never affect yourself because thinking about them will simply drain your energy.

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  • Yes you… the one reading my blog!!!… You have got a very beautiful smile. Always keep smiling. 🙂


So these are some of the practices that I am incorporating and have incorporated some in my daily life. These are time taking procedures but if followed regularly would definitely yield good results.

Do let me know if this blog was helpful and any more points are warm heartedly welcomed….



tssHello lovely people out there!!!!!

We have many people in our life. Some are very special to us but there is always a VERY SPECIAL one with us. Even I have someone who is very very special to me…a friend of mine…

Someone who knows me inside out…

Someone who knows what i think

Someone who knows what i want

Someone who knows what i feel

Someone who knows each and every inch of mine

Someone who is far away from me but still understands me sooo well

Someone who understands my mood just by listening my HII!!

Someone who is always ready to listen my silly stupid talks

Someone who listens to my prolems….

Someone who makes me laugh…. 😀

He is a very very dear friend of mine ( may be more than a  friend…;)

Well I just want to say that You are really very special to me and I treasure you….

#dedicated to him


Takecare….. 🙂



WORDS…..choose them wisely…..

wordsHii everyone!!!!

Today was a very hectic day but i still want to write something……something which hurt me….WORDS…..said by somebody close to me….

Its ok to make mistakes….i have also made some mistakes in my past….just those small mistakes but is that necessary that the other person always keeps poking about your past mistakes.

Why???….why do people everytime bring up your past along with using those bad words that are not actually required to complete your conversation. It really really hurts to listen these things especially from your loved ones( be it your friends or family)…..

Words once said cannot be taken back and everyone should think twice before saying anything…..

These words may end a beautiful relationship…..

So its a humble request for each and everybody to choose your words wisely and treasure your relationships….



My PILLOW….my first love…..

Hello everyone!!!

Howz everybody doing??……

While logging in, it’s written START WRITING WHENEVER WHEREVER INSPIRED…. I got inspired while going to take a nap today, so I ditched my nap and started writing. What inspired me???????

Story-Home-Brown-Floral-Cotton-SDL485677787-3-e5a62Yes!!!! You got it right, my pillow inspired me.

Have we ever wondered what does your pillow does for us??

My pillow is very very special to me….why??

Here’s why-

  • My pillow is my comapnion in my beautiful dreams
  • My pillow wipes my tears when I am in  my worst phase of life
  • My pillow hugs me tight when I am so so happy….:D
  • I can clench my pillow happily while sleeping…
  • The reason for my peaceful sleep is my pillow..
  • My pillow is the only one who feels all my emotions….

And one more thing my pillow does for me……it wakes me up???

You must be wondering how????

I would suggest you to do a simple experiment…..

For example… you have to get up at 5am early in the morning, so before sleeping just punch( not soo hard one) your pillow 5 times….if you want to get up at 6 am….punch your pillow 6  times and so on…..but but but there are 2 things you need to keep in your mind – FIRSTLY, this will only work on the pillow you usually sleep with ( your personal pillow) and SECONDLY it will take around 2 to 3 days for this experiment to work….

This experiment worked for me like magic…..I never got up late for my work and my daily activities…..

So my last point is MY PILLOW IS MY ALARM CLOCK….♥♥

Last night I dreamt I ate a ten pound marshmallow. When I woke up the pillow was gone.

Tommy Cooper

So… your pillow…its your true love and yes do let me know whether this experiment worked for you or not……


If we could understand LOVE so easily, wouldn’t it be dull and boring????

download (1)Hi there!!!!

Yes you read it right??….I am going to share my experience on love. You can say one aspect of love….

Love…. a beautiful bond between people….be it brother-sister, husband-wife, or between friends. We all have a different definition of love so do I.

But yesterday I came across a different aspect of love, many of you may have experienced it.

It is between my mom and dad (I  love them so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥).

So it started this way……they both had a discussion on something.   I was just sitting and listening to them. My dad said to my mom ” You never express what you feel”..

My mom said ” I am not an expressive person, whatever i feel i keep it to myself”.

My dad said” Look at me…I always express what i feel through my words”

My mom said ” But I express through my actions”

During the whole conversation, I was just listening but the last line what my mom said about the actions caught my attention. I was like yes, that’s true. There are many many people out there who express their love through their actions and many express through their words.

A very famous quote says..

Actions speak louder than words..

BUT……the people who express through their actions are often misunderstood (this is what i feel). May be the other person is not able to understand your actions or may  verbal expression of love is more important to them.

May be your loved one would say I LOVE YOU many times a day…….may be your loved one do all things that you love like cooking your favourite dish or any other actions like these but both forms of love is true and eternal. We just need to understand each other.

What I feel is every expression of love, be it verbal, or through actions or anything…is beautiful. We just need to understand it. Each and every person has a different way of expressing their feelings.

Whatever may be the way of expressing… but the love is always true.

The conversation between my mom and dad was  a real eye opener for me because i too express verbally and may be i have misunderstood many people in my life because i could’nt underdstand their actions……..

So this was all about my experience and i would really love to here from you about your love experiences. Do comment in the given section below.

Stay happy…love and be loved….:)……Takecare……

Is it ok to have no goals in life..??

Hello wonderful people out there :)….I m Riya and this is my first blog.

So I thought why not to start  with something very common which most of us experience in our life especially teenagers.
Some people say life is too big….some people say its too small….but what I feel is life is all about how you live……what window you choose to see your life through. So one big question which I had and still have in my mind that is it so necessary to have goals in our life??????

We grow up listening “Study need to have a good college…you should have a job….a handsome salary”

By listening all this, we channelize ourselves to work in that direction…..we narrow ourselves to experience new things…..we start living our lives like robots. We just work to achieve our GOAL that we have set.

BUT….have you ever wondered that what you are actually loosing by going through such process??….neither did I……In my case I only did that much work which as just enough to achieve my goal (to become a doctor!)….I just concentrated on my goal…..and with time i started getting bored with what i was doing… :(……Now i don’t have any goal in my life….I decided to do what i love….Everyday something new….like…

  • To dance as if nobody is watching
  • Too sit idle…to do nothing
  • To stand in my balcony and having a look at the beautiful view
  • To go out and have a walk
  • To concentrate on my weight loss regime
  • To take care of my skin
  • To talk to my friends who are in other city

and many more stuff which you would love to do may be painting or something…..

I never ever did these things when i was concentrating on my goal…..

Actually it is really very difficult to find out what your goal is…..

I would just say that do what you love ….do what makes you happy…may be you will be able to find your goal….and even if you have not found yet, dont be stressed ( because we usually get stressed by looking at other people working hard and they say that they have their goals).

Never ever be upset for not having goals…life is all about how happy you are in whatever you do

It’s never too late to start anything new

And for those who have set their goals….I would say one thing that enjoy the path to wards your goal…enjoy each and everyday of your life……this will make it easier to achieve your goals…..

Do let me know your views regarding my first article and suggestions are warm heartedly welcomed…..  Takecare…. 🙂